Hirameki: Cats & Dogs : Draw What You See

7,49 €
Draw funny dogs and get into a sunny mood. 

Draw comical cats and give your day a boost. 

If you feel like fun and have a pen. 

It's time to follow your imagination!. 

Hirameki - `brainwave' or `flash of inspiration' in Japanese - is where doodling and imagination come together. Simply put, it's the art of turning a random blot into something amazing, just by adding a few dots and lines. If it's true that you can find happiness in little things, this book should keep your eyes, hand and brain entertained for hours. 
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EAN kodas 9780500292846
ISBN kodas 9780500292846
SKU 000000000002177852
Leidimo metai 2018-09-17
Originalo kalba Lietuvių
Viršelio tipas Minkštas
Puslapių skaičius 64
Spalvingumas Nespalvotas
Formatas 21x16x0,7
Leidykla Thames & Hudson

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