Mice in the City: New York

16,19 €
Play a game of hide-and-squeak with all of New York's mice. 
They're flocking to the famous sights, so make sure you look twice! 
A stripy cat and Marilyn Mouse peep out of every page 
And every building's packed with mice: the city is their stage! 
It's a typical morning in New York City. Hard-working mice are crossing town on the subway and making their way to work. Some bake bagels inside the Chrysler building, while others organize the bookshelves in the Strand Book Store. Glimpse inside iconic buildings and landmarks and see a wonderfully frenetic world of industrious mice. Every page is teeming with surprises and invites children to play `hide-and-squeak' with a black-and-white cat, a mouse in a bee costume and a mysterious wrapped gift hidden on every page. You'll never see New York in the same way again! 
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Prekės kodas 000000000002177868
ISBN kodas 9780500651285
EAN kodas 9780500651285
Puslapių skaičius 32
Leidimo metai 2018-09-17
Viršelio tipas Kietas
Spalvingumas Nespalvotas
Originalo kalba Lietuvių
Formatas 34x24x1,27
Leidykla Thames & Hudson

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